Our Mission

Growing Africa one business at a time through innovative solutions.









Our Team

Innovative . Smart . Young

Precious Tom
Precious Tom
Chief executive officer
Mercy Udoh
Mercy Udoh
Chief Administrative Officer
Imoh Anselem
Imoh Anselem
Chief Marketing Officer
Chaitanya Kumar
Chaitanya Kumar
Head of Engineering
Isaac David
Product Manager
Konstantyn VL
Konstantyn VL
Business Advisor

Our Principles

We build our team and our product on core values.

Openness and Transparency

We're as open as a slate, not just to our clients, but within our team. When it comes to sharing information, we keep it real, carrying everyone involved along.

Play as a Team

We believe in the good, old saying: "If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together." Together, we achieve more than we could ever achieve otherwise.

Empathy and Understanding

We don't keep the classic look of big corporations. We're down-to-earth. For us, it's not always black or white. While doing business, we never forget that we're humans after all.

Think Global

While our focus is on African businesses, a mix of global thinking and the peculiarities of a local market have resulted in a company that produces what people really need and use.

Stay Creative

We allow brains to wander freely into uncharted territories, and we welcome ideas from everyone. No question is stupid. Our curiosity drives us to dig deeper and churn out products that positively impact the way we do business.

Time is Everything

We don't joke with time. From release dates to customer support, we keep everything on schedule. Every second counts. In fact, our solutions help you save time by automating some boring processes that are nonetheless important.

From Nigeria to the world, we’re a global team.

Our team is truly international, with members from across Africa and beyond. We're not just about work and business. We make time to really enjoy life as a team, and as individuals. When we're not coding, we may be eating (we LOVE food), dancing, or making fun of our CEO trying so hard to play the violin. We are as passionate about LIFE as we are about our business. But we don't let pleasure get in the way. There is a time for everything.

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